improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

What we’ve gotten done.  In the first year of the Each One Help One Programs, 20 young adults got jobs.  The second year expansion generated over 40 jobs.  These results have occurred in subsequent years with over 400 youth in total getting jobs. 

Also, we’ve started to encourage youth to participate in some job shadowing opportunities.  This program has also gained traction with the foster youth and will be expanding each year.

 What can you do to help?  Please consider taking these steps; (1) send this material to your colleagues and ask them to contact City of Life about giving One Youth a job; (2) Consider giving one youth a job at one of your facilities: (3) Put this information on your website or in social media and encourage people to contact City of Life about the Each One Help One program; (4) Contact City of Life to begin participating in the job shadowing program.

Each One Help One

The City of Life Foundation has worked for over a 15 years with foster youth as they approach age 18 and are exiting the social services network to fend for themselves.  In partnership with the Department of Children and Families, Community Based Care of Central Florida and Goodwill Industries of Central Florida we’ve been helping these kids get ready to make the transition to a successful adulthood in our community.

 There has been progress made over the years but on these two main issues, a lot more needs to be done.  Issue #1 is education and just as important #2 is getting these kids ready for a job.

Once these youth start to work at they regain their self-esteem and are prepared to handle their lives financially and in most other dimensions as well.

 Please remember, that no child enters foster care because of anything THEY do.  They get put in foster care because of the bad actions of their parents. 

 Once in the system, they are subject to all the  frustrations of having the government raise them...even if they are fortunate enough to get into a good foster home, that is a challenge as well because there is very little “normal” about their childhoods.

Cut now to age 18 and they are typically about a year behind in school, have been in and out of several group and individual foster homes and have not had sufficient guidance or training for what lies ahead.

City of Life learned over the years that if you can get a kid a job, everything changes for them. They can make plans, set goals, handle their own transportation and housing and begin to take control of their futures.

We started the Each One Help One Program about five years ago based on the premise that there are good, caring people who run companies that would be willing to give ONE YOUTH a chance.  Just one…not enrolling in a cumbersome, paperwork world.  Not being asked continually for donations.  Just accept a kid who says he or she wants to be a good employee and give that kid a chance.

Some companies and organizations have stepped forward in just this way and have gotten very favorable results;  Panera’s, Orlando Lutheran Towers, Westgate Resorts, the Department of Children and Families, Colorvision, Apartment Association of Greater Orlando, to name just a few.