Helping Young People Through the Holidays​

12 ideas for supportive adults to help  their young person through the holidays - click here

Help for Parents of Troubled Teens
Dealing with Anger, Violence, Delinquency, and Other Teen Behavior Problems - Please Click here

Parent's Guide to Teen Depression
To Learn the Signs of Depression in Teens and How You Can Help click  here.

Drug Abuse and Addiction

Signs, Symptoms, and Help for Drug Problems and Substance Abuse​​​ click here

Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

Practical Parenting Tips for Home and School click here

ADD/ADHD Parenting Tips

Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorder click here

Caregiver Stress Burnout

Tips for Recharging and Finding Balance click here

Guide To Becoming A Foster Parent. Click here

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Youth Help Rights Handbook

Miami Laws-University of Miami School of Law

Children and Youth Law Clinic

youth-health-rights-handbook (2).pdf

Thanks, Foster Parents click here

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Mental Health Checklist

improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

Florida Department of

Children Families

Building Better Mental Health
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better, or build resilience? These 6 life-changing
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