improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

The idea for City of Life started more than 15 years ago at a local group home for foster care youth who were about to age out of the system.  Four bright, energetic and attractive young women were about to graduate from a local high school and leave the system that had taken care of them for more than 15 years of their lives.

The system had apparently worked for these young women, three of which were born in jail from mothers who had addiction problems.  That history did not seem to matter as these young women who were about to go out and conquer the world all had positive goals – all were ambitious – all were going to be successful in life.

To top it off, a board member, a provost from a local community college, offered the young ladies three things; free tuition; free books, and a mentor - him. The college was only fifteen minutes away from where they lived – None Showed Up!  It was simply a bad idea for the community to expect a young person at age 18 to find:

  • A Job
  •  safe place to live;
  • Transportation;
  • A positive adult as a role model;
  • And the ability to manage all this on their own.

Bad idea!  After all those years and all that support money in the custody of the state, they were turned out to the world expected to act like an adult making good adult decisions – Bad Idea!

So we asked three questions:

  1. Does the community really think a child at age 18 to 21, is ready to be a mature adult?
  2. Does the community think is has a responsibility to do something about it?
  3. Would you like to help us do something about it?

What we stand for:

  1.  Leveraging existing community resources to make a difference.          
  2.  Being a good Steward of those resources
  3. Respect for our youth and for our partners
  4. Improved performance across the lines of the community
  5. Build win-win solutions – better prepared youth – better worker – less crime, less homelessness.
  6. The integrity of the processes we advocate
  7. Mission of making a difference and Goals of:
  8. Providing better tools
  9. Providing better opportunities to make it
  10. Providing a better chance to have a better life

Communications From Our Chief Executive Officer

Pat Buffa, CEO