improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding!

Who We Are

City of Life was founded in 2000 as a grass roots volunteer organization to support the foster care system in better preparing foster care youth for the communities in which will live.  In 15 years we think we are getting things done – join us on our journey.


City of Life sees young people of the future leaving the foster care system with a place to go and with a confidence they have a future in our community.


Foster Independence


City Of Life works on leveraging existing community resources in a cost effective way to make a difference for the youth in the foster care system.  We convene existing support organizations to assist young people with a connection to the community including: mentoring – housing – education and job training – and, jobs leading to careers.  Lastly, we communicate to the community on our progress.


  • A job for each able foster care child before they age out through our partnership with Goodwill.
  • Physical and mental wellness – young people prepared for life’s challenges.
  • Communicate with the community about what we are getting done.
  • Provide consulting services to community not-for-profits.

Our jobs partnership “Each One Help One” was recognized as a "Best Practice"  by the Department of Children and Families for 2015.